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  1. 10.18.12

  2. Tadeusz Słobodzianek’s amazing play, OUR CLASS, tells the story of ten people from a small Polish town between the years 1926 and 2006. I joined an incredibly talented group of people (including composer Eric Shimelonis and musicologist Bret Werb) to make the sound design for this play. Derek Goldman directs and some of DC’s most interesting actors are in it.

  3. At Theater J in DC through November 4.

  4. Tickets and more info here.

  1. 11.29.12

  2. Just Announced! Sarah Ewing and I are recipients of Dance Metro DC’s Dance Connect Commissioning Project grant. We’ll be creating a new work this Spring, premiering at the Atlas theater on March 1, 2013.

  1. 12.14.12

  2. CONTRACTIONS at the Studio Theatre in DC opens in just a few weeks. I’ve been working hard with director Duncan Macmillan on the sound design. It’s going to involve some secret, onstage mics and some very dense transitions. 

  1. 01.31.13

  2. The Minotaur is in its second week at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in DC. The show is produced by Rorschach Theatre, directed by its artistic director, Randy Baker; I made the sound design and contributed a few compositions. It’s getting good reviews here here here here here

  3. Buy tickets here

  1. 02.10.13

  2. I’m in rehearsals now for The TEMPEST at Whitman College. What an enormous challenge and gift I’ve gotten my self into! So much music and so many sounds in Shakespeare’s last play. The folks at Whitman are fantastic hosts, as usual, and I’m pushing their new theater’s sound system to the limit! Here’s a small piece of my design, a song that the monster Calaban sings while drunk on Itallian grog.

  1. 05.14.13

  2. A great deal has happened since I returned from Walla Walla at the end of February - so much that I have not had a chance to update bigbee.org. Here’s a brief re-cap of Spring 2013:

  3. Rebecca and I created a new performance with choreographer Sarah Ewing called D:GET. We asked potential audience members to answer 12 questions about what they prefer to experience while attending a performance. We were interested in using raw data as a content generator, also investigated the strangeness and validity/veracity of corporate personality tests. It premiered at the Intersections Dance Festival in DC on March 9, 2013 and was commissioned by Dance Metro DC. A video document of the performance is here and you can take the original survey here.

  4. I designed a pair of plays at the Studio Theatre in DC, presented there as an evening called Pas De Deux (closing on May 19). The very talented David Schulman wrote a song for the production called “Wide Rivers Role” and I made many many different arrangements of it. You can listen to one of them below.

  5. Just last week a fantastic world premiere dance theatre performance titled ONCE WILD: ISADORA IN RUSSIA took place on the Gonda stage at Georgetown University. I made the sound design for this show, working closely with director Derek Goldman and an amazingly talented pianist called Carlos César Rodríguez. Sarah Kaufman of the Washington Post wrote a very good (and, I feel, very thorough and considered) preview and review. You can listen to a piece I created for the show below.

  1. 06.13.13

  2. Two designs that I created in 2012 have been nominated for Excellence In Sound Design/Composition in Dance Metro DC’s 2013 DC Dance Awards. The designs were created for FILTER at the annual Source festival, and ONCE WILD, produced by Word Dance Theatre. The awards ceremony is Sept. 9, 2013.

  1. 06.17.13

  2. D:GET is performing again at Dance Place this upcoming weekend, July 20-21. Click the still from Rebecca’s beautiful video design for more info

  1. 07.22.13

  2. I’ve been awarded a contract to build a Mobile Audio Cart for the National Museum of Natural History. The exhibit will use sound to teach science to teenagers. The first activity I’m developing explores songbird communication and adaptation to urban environments. I’ve assembled a truly kick-ass team: John Kaufmann is writing the curriculum and developing the gameplay; JD Madsen will build the physical cart. The exhibit will be on view in the the Natural History Museum’s new education center, Q?RIUS, opening this fall in Washington, DC.

  1. 10.17.13

  2. I’ve been too busy to post anything here recently! Check the Projects page to learn more about what’s current and coming up. Most of the busyness in the past few months was wrapped up in buying a new home in Mt. Rainier, Maryland. I love it here. Planning to stay for awhile!

  1. 01.04.14

  2. I composed a short piece of music to accompany a dance choreographed by Robert J. Priore which will premiere at CityDance at Strathmore on January 18 and 19. A sketch of the music is below. 

  1. 03.12.14

  2. I had the great good fortune to work on two productions of HAMLET this season. First at Georgetown University with Derek Goldman directing, and at Whitman College with Christopher Petit directing. Both shows were astounding. I feel honored to be given the opportunity to dive into Shakespeare’s greatest play with two of my favorite people directing, on two coasts, within six months of each other. Photos of Prince Hamlet are below: Addison Williams at Georgetown on the left, and Atanas Atanasov at Whitman on the right.

  1. 02.01.14

  2. I led a team that built a Mobile Audio Cart for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. The exhibit is called Sound Lab and is on view beginning today in the museum’s new education center, Q?rius. The exhibit uses sound to teach science to teenagers. The first activityy we developed for Sound Lab is called Bird Brain, which explores songbird communication and adaptation to urban environments. James Hurlbut wrote the code for Bird Brain, John Kaufmann develeoped the curriculum and gameplay, and JD Madsen designed the physical cart.

  1. 04.13.14

  2. MOTH premieres tonight at the Studio Theater in DC. Despite its 75-minute run time, the show is packed full of my sound design. A veteran DC actor named Tom Story is directing his first play, and I feel it’s a complete success. Music by SF black metal band Deafheaven is featured. Thrilling ride of a play! Tickets and info.

  1. 05.22.14

  2. COCK at the Studio Theater in DC has gotten some fantastic reviews from the Washington Post  Washington Blade  Washington City Paper and DC Theatre Scene. I did the sound design work for this production; third time working on a Mike Bartlett or Duncan Macmillan project, two of The Apathists. Tickets and info.

  1. 09.13.14

  2. No Rules Theater Company opens “Seven Guitars” tonight. I made the sound design.

  1. 10.16.14

  2. I’m working with a group of supremely talented and hard-working folks on a production of Sex With Strangers at the Signature Theatre in DC. Aaron Posner, Holly Twyford, Luigi Sottile, JD Madsen, Katherine Fritz, Andrew Cissna. In previews now, runs till December 7. My design features a few pieces of my music. Listen to one of them here. Tickets and info.